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When the Fates rewrite your ending, will you fight for a love that destiny denies?

Grief and fear imprison Delphine Allard after her controlling ex takes the lives of her parents. Isolated, she finds solace in vivid dreams, unaware they hold the key to a different reality. Delphine's carefully constructed isolation shatters when the dream man, her one true love, steps into her waking world.

Suddenly thrust into the magical realm of Nod, Delphine grapples with untamed magic and the manipulative whims of the mythological Sisters of Fates, who entangled her and the two men in her life in their twisted game. Can Delphine master her power, navigate the tangled threads of destiny, and choose the life and love she truly deserves?

Delphine's journey becomes a fight for self-discovery, not just love. She must confront her fears, unlock her magic, and rewrite her destiny before a deadly sibling rivalry snatches her chance at a new life.